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I was reading an essay by D.A. Carson on the gospel and reminded of these great truths that help gain and retain a grasp of the gospel’s meaning. First is to know what the gospel addresses in my life:

  1. Because I am guilty of sin, the gospel addresses how to clear my guilt
  2. Because I am alienated from God, the gospel addresses how I can be reconciled to God
  3. Because I stand under the judicial wrath of God, the gospel addresses how that wrath is propitiated
  4. Because I am under the curse of sin, the gospel addresses how it can be lifted and I can be transformed
  5. Because I am morally weak and helpless yet still guilty for my sin, the gospel addresses how I can be empowered and strengthened
  6. Because I am dead in my sins, the gospel addressed how I can be made alive
  7. Because My heart is an idol factory that is self-focused and de-gods God, the gospel restores my vision and life to God’s rightful glory

In other words, the gospel addresses the plight of my life and the solutions. So …

  1. The gospel not only shows me forgiveness but also the hope of resurrection
  2. The gospel of the cross not only shows me justification but also the power to transform me
  3. The gospel not only draws faith from me but commands my obedience in line with its truth
  4. The gospel not only recalls to me the unique suffering of Christ but calls for me to participate in his suffering

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”  Romans 1:16

Starting Them Young

Here are two of my grandsons getting dirty. It starts with the sheep …..

Mom and Grandma are afraid it will lead to this:

Bullriding 1