Monthly Archives: November 2019

Driven To Tears

I am usually not too emotional about things, though I can be. This morning I was wiping some tears away not of sorrow but of incredible peace. In a conversation with my pastor, Dean Delfosse yesterday, he suggested that I listen to the podcast “Coram Deo, The Daily Liturgy.”  Coram Deo is a church in Omaha led by Bob Thune and they have been a great resource in Christ-centered teaching and ministry. Those who know me will affirm I am a lover of “dead theologians” and the writings of the Puritan era. I have for many years in my personal reading of the Scripture used the resource of the McCheyne reading plan.  Robert Murray McCheyne was a Scottish pastor in the 1800s who wanted to increase the Bible literacy of his congregations so he came up with a reading plan. It ends up in this podcast, they use a similar model of readings from several spots in the Bible daily, yet with common threads often times. In addition to readings from the Scriptures, the podcast interjects prayers and contemplation from resources such as “The Valley of Vision” and “The Book of Common Prayers” among others. The podcast was only 10 minutes but I felt like I had experienced a journey into a personal holy place. I’m hooked and recommend you give this a try too. It is available on all the media links to podcasts. Just 10 minutes but if it results in tears in your eyes, I do not recommend you listen to it while driving. 🙂


Theology Matters

Tonight begins an old but new trail of encouraging and training people in the area of leadership. The emphasis at first will be in the area of strengthening our hold of sound doctrine. We will use the wonderful tool of and the wisdom of Dr. Bruce Ware’s lectures on “Understanding Theology” supported by Dr. Wayne Grudem’s book “Systematic Theology.”

By calling it Theology Matters  we are taking the root meaning, “theos-logos,” the study of God, and  stressing what A.W. Tozer once wrote, “What comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” It is critical in our lives and critical for the church. Also matters refers to topics and situations under consideration. We will discover that theology impacts every area of our lives and every area of the church. We cannot escape theology and so we better get it right.

We will begin tonight with an introduction to systematic theology and discuss why teach this for leadership. We will also begin our first topic, the doctrine of Scripture. It will be great to be back in the saddle again and train up another group of people to proclaim the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and see how this matters in our lives and in the church.