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Ian and Larissa’s Story

I wanted to share this video with you not because it is so moving emotionally (for it is), but because it powerfully displays the truth about the gospel and Christian marriage.

Marriage as an institution is shared in what can be called the common kingdom of the world. Believers and non-believers alike participate in marriage as it was given by God to the human race. But Christian marriage is distinctive in that it represents something beyond us. It is the picture of the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ where God would love us sacrificially in that while we were yet sinners, Christ would die for us.

In this 9 minute video there are so many highlights that point to the gospel but here are a few that struck me to start with:
1. Love is not about what the other does but what I give.
2. Commitment is based upon who God is, not my circumstances.
3. God does not change and I need to quit thinking of his goodness to me based upon my circumstances.
4. What it means to serve your spouse.
5. Larissa’s submission to her husband’s spiritual leadership and her willingness to let him lead in their own unique way. My wife Deb has no excuse for not allowing me in my clumsy ways to lead her.
6. I can lead my wife spiritually – I am out of excuses now that I saw this video and so is every man!

There are many more but please watch this video and absorb the message. Also the book mentioned, “This Momentary Marriage” by John Piper is available in a variety of ways:
1. You can read it for free by downloading it online here.
2. You can buy the book online. Here is the cheapest price.
3. If you read the book electronically, it is available through